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Our customers count on their trucks to deliver. The Detroit Assurance suite of truck safety systems is designed to help do just that and more. Get ready for next-level driver comfort and the latest in automated safety with our collision mitigation system for trucks.

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Side Guard Assist

Side guard assist (SGA) takes driver safety a step ahead. As a passive collision mitigation system, it won’t de-throttle or stop your truck. Instead, it puts the driver in control. If a truck’s passenger side gets too close to a moving person or object, the system will alert the operator on a left turn.

Side guard assist can detect moving objects and pedestrians along the length of the passenger-side of the truck. At highway speeds, it can also warn the driver if the truck begins to drift into an occupied lane.

Active Brake Assist 5

Using fused radar and camera technology, Active Brake Assist tracks objects in front of your truck to determine if a warning, partial braking or full braking is necessary. It can help your vehicles avoid collisions on and off the job site – and even detect or mitigate impact of moving pedestrians in urban areas or on the road between sites.

  • Full braking on a moving pedestrian can detect when a person is going to walk into the path of the truck. The system issues audio and visual warnings while simultaneously braking partially at first, followed by full braking if the driver does not react.
  • Full braking on moving and stationary vehicles identifies vehicles in the path of the truck. When the system detects a potential obstacle, audio and visual warnings are issued as well as partial and full braking, if necessary.

Brake Hold Mode

Brake hold mode improves driver comfort when the truck is stopped in traffic or at a junction by allowing the driver to remove their foot from the brake pedal.

Adaptive Cruise Control to 0 km/h

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) to 0 km/h is fitted as standard with DT12 transmissions, and automatically adjusts a truck’s cruising speed to maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles so drivers can stay alert, comfortable, and with cruise control switched on longer.

Lane Departure warning

Lane departure warning is a guiding hand that ensures your vehicles can travel the open road safely. The system alerts the operator with a rumbling sound and dash warning if their truck veers from its lane without signalling.

Availability of these features depends on model and chosen equipment. Contact your local dealer for more information.